Snow adventures in Wells County

Here are some of the best locations for a snowy adventure in Wells County!

1.Ouabache State Park

4930 IN-201, Bluffton; Whether you enjoy a quiet winter walk on a trail or sledding on the hills this location is great for both! You can even find some cross-country skiers enjoying the fresh powder here

Courtesy of ‘Friends of Ouabache State Park’

2. Archbold-Wilson Park

East 900 North, Ossian; The fantastic sledding hill located next to the newly constructed amphitheater doubles as the disc-golf course in the summer. This location’s Lenny Gerber Trail has 1.25 miles of paved walkway.

Courtesy of Ossian Parks Department

3. Bluffton Harrison Elementary School

1100 East Spring St, Bluffton; A big hill is located on this schools property along with the most lovely evergreens

4. Lancaster Park

200 East Jackson Street; located on the north side of Bluffton off of State Road 1, approximately 17.5 acres and includes a sledding hill.

Courtesy of Local Vlogger ‘Reece Life Dad Life’ on Lancaster Hill

Looking for the calm of nature?

Check out these locations for cross-country skiing or a quite wintry hike.

  1. Wetlands Trails-This secluded natural wetland preservation is a hidden gem. Be sure to look closely for the trail entrance. This location does not have paved walkways.
  2. Norwell Study Area-wooded unpaved trail south of the Norwell School
  3. Anna Brand Hammer Reserve – a shorter .5 mile wooded trail
  4. Acres Along the Wabash-2.3 miles of wooded trail follows the Wabash River. Benches along the trail for resting.

Do you know of a hidden gem!? Be sure to let us know and we can add it to the list!